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May 15th, 2013
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Vietnam Working on Hague

October 31st, 2012
Posted By: on Viet Nam Adoption
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1150373_hoan_kiem_lake_hanoiIt is always difficult to track the progress of a country that is not open. This is the case for Vietnam and the United States. Though Vietnam is open in other countries- the adoption partnership between them and the US is still in limbo. This can be very frustrating for those who are waiting to adopt from this country. There is not much that one can do while their program is in a holding pattern other than to wait, research and wait some more. This can get tiresome after waiting for over 2 years for this country to re-open its adoption program. I have no doubt that many of you have read me say those exact words so many times that you… [more]

Pro-life, Pro-choice, Pro-adoption

October 16th, 2012

hand-in-handI was born in the 1970’s. Right there in the heat of the Roe v. Wade era when abortion became legal- not that my parents considered abortion since I was the 4th child out of what would be 6 and my parents had been married for a long time. Still, the fires of the topic were burning brightly at that time. It’s no coincidence that the laws for adoption began to change at the same time abortion became legal. Before that, all of the power for regulating adoptions was in the hands of the state. Caseworkers and adoption agencies did what they considered to be best for the adoption situations, which they considered to be closed adoptions. Not only was there no contact… [more]

Vietnam Still Working

September 30th, 2012
Posted By: on Viet Nam Adoption

1182879_woman_writing_in_the_agendaIt seems as though Vietnam is always my last stop on my whirlwind blogging tour around the globe. I have no other explanation than to say that perhaps I save the best for last? Vietnam appears to be making no movement on re-opening their adoption program to the United States. This is very heart-breaking for those who have been waiting for this to occur. Their latest announcement stated that the United States had stopped adoptions from this country because of the lack of certification on the part of Vietnam. I do know that Vietnam is working to fulfill the agreement that was put into place between them and the United States. Many times, this agreement requires a complete overhaul of the program including… [more]

Vietnam Still Closed for United States Adoptions

August 31st, 2012
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1324574_lampion_1There is a lot of interest in adoption from Vietnam lately as it is rumored that are slated to re-open soon. The original date for this sought after affair came and went with little information from Vietnam. Now we are waiting impatiently for the good news of re-opening. It seems like a long time in coming. I know that many of you who were interested in adopting from this country have given up and started adoption paperwork for other countries. This is so heart-breaking to hear about but I understand that the wait seems to drag on indefinitely. Vietnam should have a reinforced, stronger program when they re-open in the United States. This can only benefit the long-term adoption program and allow the… [more]

Waiting For the Re-Opening

July 30th, 2012
Posted By: on Viet Nam Adoption

855962_vietnamese_children_from_a_danag_villageIt is difficult to believe that the last time I blogged regarding the status of Vietnam was in March of this year- I am sorry about that. I am not certain how I missed this. This morning as I researched the status of the adoption program from this country, I find that there have been no real changes. Back in February, a notice was released stating that though Vietnam was certified under the Hague Convention, they had not reached the compliance level that was necessary in order for the United States to re-open the adoption relationship. The notice went so far as to caution prospective adoptive parents to not enter into any adoption agreements with agencies until final approval was granted. This final approval… [more]

One Mother or Two?

May 29th, 2012
Posted By: on Adoptee

“I have come to is unnatural for members of the human species to grow up separated from and without knowledge of their natural clan, that such a lack has a negative influence on a child's psychic reality and relationship with the adoptive parents...”.  Journey of the Adopted Self, Betty Jean Lifton It is common in discussions of adopted children today to say they have two mothers, a biological mother and an adoptive mother. Adoptee author Betty Jean Lifton, for example, a prime mover in what we are now calling open adoption, wrote that she felt pulled this way and that by her two competing mothers, biological and adoptive, as follows: “For deep inside every adoptee (Lifton often presented her own views as the views of all adoptees) there is a chalk… [more]

Vietnam Adoption in Holding Pattern

March 31st, 2012
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1334670_stop_signIt seems as though I am always writing the same thing regarding adoption from Vietnam. I am constantly saying, "Hang in there. The end is close. Read all you can about adoption from this country." That is the premise of this blog as well. We are still waiting for compliance on the part of Vietnam in order to bring this country back to the status of open. Vietnam has joined the Hague Convention but is not in a working relationship with the United States. This is because there are a lot of portions of the agreement that must be met in order for both countries to re-open the adoption relationship. I posted last month that the United States government released a statement regarding… [more]

A Caution

February 29th, 2012
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1307437_cautionThis is probably the most watched of all the countries that I blog about so imagine my surprise when I did a little digging and found a very important [missed] announcement. It appears that back in late January/early February a notice was released regarding adoption from this country. This is what the Joint Council released regarding this specific notice: The United States has determined that it will not resume intercountry adoptions on February 1, 2012, when the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Cooperation of Intercountry Adoption will enter into force there. Despite Vietnam's initiatives to strengthen its child welfare system and ensure the integrity of its domestic and international adoption process, it does not yet have a fully Hague compliant process… [more]

Christmas Miracle

January 31st, 2012
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Categories: News, US News, Viet Nam News

1145696_presents_for_christmasOn my 'trip around the world' this month, I have to admit this is probably my favorite stop. The reason is very simple. I have a great feel-good story that was released regarding adoption from this area. Three adoptive families received the best Christmas present ever when their long-awaited adoptions were finalized. Yay! This is such great news for these families in particular and adoption from this country. We have been waiting for some sign of movement.

I mentioned that these families received this great Christmas present because these adoptions were processed on Christmas day. I love this. The article that I read states that two of the families were just getting home after spending five weeks in Vietnam. These two… [more]