Lifegivers: Chapter Twelve

September 10th, 2007
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It's hard work to be a "good" birth parent and chapter twelve of Lifegivers: Framing the Birthparent Experience in Open Adoption acknowledges that fact. Entitled, "When the Adoption Dust Settles: Optimal Birthparenting," James L. Gritter takes an in depth look at what birth parents can do, for themselves, adoptive parents and their children, to create the "best case scenario." He is careful to mention that one of the most important things to keep in mind about the optimal nature of the open adoption relationship is its adaptability. Each family's experiences will be shaded and colored by specifics, personalities and the capabilities of each person involved. His list, as well, is not meant to discourage those birth parents who are doing the best they can… [more]


June 23rd, 2006
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More happy things! Here is a celebrity couple that I adore! I love to hear updates on them, especially one like this. Congratulations to the Heidi Klum-Seal family! Congratulations to Leni and Henry on the upcoming arrival of your new sibling. A healthy baby Bec woke up all better this morning. Just like nothing had happened. The antibiotics must be working their magic a sense of style Miss Ivy is wearing her Buzz Lightyear tank top, her sleeping beauty pj pants and her pink winter suede boots! Gotta love a girl with style! The WonderPets Now on Nick Jr. is a show that Ivy, Chris and I can all enjoy. A lot of time some of her shows (and his… [more]